LastPad Large - Reusable Sanitary Pad - Black


RRP: 21 €

LastPad Large is an innovative alternative to sanitary pads specially designed for heavy flows.

It is safe, non-toxic and extremely thin. The layers made with innovative technologies make sure the pad is still thin while offering maximum protection against any leaks. The velcro wings and a silicone strip keep it in place all day so that you can move, dance, do yoga, or walk your cat, without thinking twice.

Each year, 19 billion single-use menstrual pads are thrown out, taking around 500 years to decompose. LastPad is a reusable pad that absorbs more flow than a single-use pad - without the harmful chemicals. It’s slim, soft and beautifully designed, easy to clean and made to last for 250 machine washes. This means that each pad prevents 250+ single-use menstrual items from ending up in landfills or the oceans and it can be used for up to 10 years!

Reusable | Heavy flow

Brand: LastObject

  • Store the pad in the pouch both before and after using it
  • When you want to wash it, take it out of the pouch, release the elastic, close the velcro, and put them in a mesh bag. Wash them with your laundry without a softener and at a lower temperature (blood sets at a higher temperature)
  • Remove any fluff or lint from the silicone strip for better grip before using it again


Will the used LastPad smell in my bag?

No. The pouch is very waterproof. Basically, if you held the pouch in one corner and poured water into it, not a single drop would leak. This means it also holds in the smell very well and you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day. Remember that the pouch can also be washed in the washing machine.

Will it show through what I wear?

No. The pad consists of three layers with an advanced technology. Unlike most reusable pads that have a regular fabric, LastPad consists of a combination of moisture-wicking, absorbing and containing layers. This means they can be thin, while still effective. In other words, it will not look like you are wearing a pad.

Do I need to pre-wash my LastPad to get the blood out?

You can wash it in cold water if you want to, but it is not necessary. Washing it in the machine at 30ºC will clean it. Remember, it should not be washed in too hot water as the blood will coagulate. A lower temperature is also kinder to the environment. While on the topic of washing, refrain from using a softener as it will lessen the pad’s ability to absorb.

Will the wings scratch on my thighs?

The wings are attached with velcro which can be quite hard in the beginning. After a few washes, the velcro will have softened enough not to be uncomfortable, even if the wings get loose and rest against your thighs. In the meantime, make sure the wings are securely attached to each other and that the silicone strip is free from fluff and lint.


  • Inner layer: antibacterial polyester
  • Mid layer: absorbent bamboo
  • Outer layer: leak-proof TPU
  • Packaging: FSC recycled cardboard

Made in Vietnam

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