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Solid Shampoo - Greasy Hair - Packaged
RRP: 7.43 € This shampoo has been designed to care for greasy hair by reducing sebum secretion.  Olila is one of the first soap factories to formulate a solid shampoo based on clay and local oils. Here, Rhassoul, a clay...
Handmade Soap - Aphrodylang - Packaged
RRP: 6.90 € This soap with captivating Asian and tropical fragrances has been specially formulated for acne-prone and mature skin.  Ylang Ylang essential oil called Cananga oil and turmeric are a "must have" for acne-prone skin and for mature skin...
Solid Shampoo for Sensitive Hair
RRP: 9.90 € A shampoo specially designed for sensitive scalps that will sooth your hair for the day. Chaulmoogra oil and peony powder fight dandruff and help calm irritated, damaged and flaky skin. Additionally, French lavender essential oil relieves itching...
High Waist Period Panties - Montana - Black - XS
RRP: 28.99 € Montana are the must-have high-waisted period panties! Designed to be as soft as a second skin, they offer some pure cocooning and are suitable for all flows from light to abundant. Some of Montana's highlights: Perfect for...
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