Kami Store helps you to offer zero waste products to your customers 

Kami Store's mission is to promote a zero waste lifestyle through distributing the best products to organic and bulk stores.

We carefully select our brands with attention to quality, effectiveness and health safety.

Kami Store Advantages

Kami Store decided to provide a blend of services to help small businesses grow without posing too much of a burden on their financials:

  • Supplier's price: At Kami Store, you have access to exactly the same price than the one of the brand's pricelist.
  • No Minimum Order:  Forget about quantity limitations and minimum order values. At Kami Store, you can try out any product without limitations.
  • Free Shipping over 300€: Orders above 300€ are shipped for free, regardless of the quantities ordered. You only pay the price of the products ordered.
  • Net 15 Days Payment: Forget about up-front payment. At Kami Store, you will have 15 days to pay your invoice.
  • Smooth Ordering Process: Forget complicated purchase orders, excel sheets or price list. We provide you a easy and quick ordering process.

Enough talked, let's hear what our clients say:

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