Welcome to Kami Store!

If you are looking for a human-sized supplier of sustainable brands to offer to your customers, then you have come to the right place

We are a wholesaler of eco-responsible products dedicated to shops wishing to develop their range of environmentally friendly accessories, cosmetics and cleaning products.

We mainly work with organic shops, bulk grocery stores and zero waste online shops (but also pharmacies and beauty salons).

The Kami story

It all started with a documentary and a deep desire to do something to challenge consumer habits. It was Kamikatsu in Japan (the first city in the world to sort more than 80% of its waste) that inspired our name and our philosophy.

The founder of Kami is Jean Piessevaux, who first launched a box of 7 zero waste essentials in 2017, before making the project evolve into an online shop of zero waste accessories for a more diversified offer and a greater impact.

But running a shop is both exciting... and complicated! It's hard to reach the minimum orders for each of your brands when they are high (and when you have a small budget) and then have to sell a stock that sometimes doesn't sell, to fill in unintuitive order forms, and to find wholesalers offering a diversified range of zero waste products.

Kami Store was born in 2020 out of a need to solve all these problems faced by many shops, especially when launching a shop or an online store!

Jean and Stan at the creation of Kami Store

Since then, Kami has grown well!

We now work with more than 450 customers, mainly in Belgium but also in France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

We offer more than 30 European brands, 2/3 of which are located in Belgium or neighbouring countries.

Our team has grown and allows us now to have a more human and flexible approach to constantly make our service evolve according to the needs of shops and entrepreneurs committed to protecting the planet.

The Kami Team

What makes us strong at Kami is first of all our team and the values we share, but above all our desire to give you the best tools to help you build a more sustainable world.


“I find our new brands & make sure our service fits your needs”

Current favorite product
The Tiffin lunchboxes to avoid plastic food wrappings


“I grow our community of zero-waste entrepreneurs & shops”

Current favorite product
The coconut & soy candles by We Love The Planet


“I prepare your orders and make all your requests come true”

Current favorite product
The vegan toothpaste by Ben & Anna


“I take care of all our content & communicate about our brands”

Current favorite product
The LastSwab, the reusable cotton swab 

What motivates us?

What drove Jean to create Kami, and what motivates us every day, is to challenge consumer habits to reduce our waste and protect our beautiful planet

And the best way to do this is for us to help you grow your shop by offering many innovative and sustainable brands, but more globally, by offering you a real dedicated service that evolves according to your needs:

An evolving catalogue with new and exclusive brands every month, products that can be ordered individually to reduce your costs, flexible and fast logistics to meet your requests, an easy to use website, and lots of advice thanks to our blog dedicated to organic & bulk shops.

Where can you find us?

Since summer 2021, we are proud to be part of the Circularium community, a 20,000 m² former industrial site in the centre of Brussels, rehabilitated to host multiple local innovation projects with a circular goal!

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our services or products, or to come and meet us over a good coffee to sip in our "chill" area at the entrance of our office and storage space

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