Instagram: 8 tips on how to engage with your community

Instagram: 8 tips on how to engage with your community


When it comes to developing your brand and growing your community, there’s nothing better than a very competitive social media with more than a billion users, an incredibly smart algorithm and endless original and creative accounts.

However, engaging with your community and increasing your subscribers on Instagram in 2021 isn’t as easy as it used to be. Read on for some strategic hints and tips to help you!

#1 Boost your Instagram presence

In real life, a strong relationship requires mutually committed individuals. It's the same on Instagram! To engage with your community, you need to be as active and responsive as possible: like and reply to your subscribers’ comments.

And that’s not all: start conversations with accounts which aren’t following you yet and draw their attention to your feed. Rather than just liking their posts, comment on them and react to their stories by sending a message rather than just an emoji.

#2 Publish as many stories as you can

Stories are an excellent tool for interacting with your subscribers and increasing your visibility

Anyone can see stories from a public account on Instagram so it’s a foolproof way of gaining new followers. In addition to seeing your posts, they’ll get a glimpse of who you are and how you communicate.

3 easy ways to engage with your community through stories:

  • Tag some of your followers in a story to strengthen your relationship with them: they’ll feel appreciated!
  • Create a unique and fun story filter which can be used by your followers and other people.
  • Instagram surveys can provide you with valuable information on how your brand is viewed and how to make it more accessible.

#3 Tell your story

We’ve already discussed the importance of storytelling in this article - insert article link -. This is also true for Instagram: tell your story through visual content. 

We really like carousel posts which make us want to scroll to the end of the story. Check out the Womade account, they do them very well! The last visual can be used as a call-to-action.

#4 Follow the trend for Reels

Instagram Reels are creating quite a buzz! They’re the latest video feature on Instagram and allow you to record 30-second video clips set to music, just like on TikTok.

Instagram prioritises this type of content: Reels can be published directly on your feed or on the “Explore” page, enabling you to increase your reach far beyond your followers!

Need inspiration for your Reels? Here are 3 ideas:

  • Give a glimpse of your business from “behind the scenes”: show where your products come from, how they are packaged for delivery, etc.
  • Tease the launch of a new product and give a few clues to get your followers excited.
  • If you are often asked the same questions by email, in store or on your Instagram account, compile them and answer them in a Reel.

#5 Create useful content

For your community to be engaged and interested in your content, you need to offer genuinely useful content which adds value to their daily lives. This encourages interaction and your followers will value their relationship with you.

For example, provide tips on zero-waste lifestyles or post DIY tutorials on how to make homemade cosmetics. If you teach them something, your community will identify with your values and become more engaged.

#6 Team up!

Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration for your business! It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular methods to develop your audience.

By teaming up with companies, brands and influencers who share the same ideas and values, you reach a new, engaged and potentially interested audience.

#7 Create your own hashtag

Your own hashtag allows you to promote your brand, find content generated by your followers, create a community and attract new followers.

It’s easy-peasy to create a hashtag: your name, your slogan or the name of one of your products. It needs be unifying and your community must be able to identify what it means and what it symbolises. You could have several, each tailored to a different message.

#8 Write long captions

Before, Instagram was primarily used to create a coherent aesthetic with high-quality photos. But today, your followers want to find out more about you, your brand and your mission. When you tell your audience more about yourself through your Instagram captions, you build a bigger, stronger community.

Instagram users can now search for specific keywords. Including keywords in longer captions can help you to reach more people, much like in a blog.

Need inspiration to find keywords? Try these:

  • #zerowasteshop
  • #europeansustainablebrand
  • #naturalproducts
  • #greenstart-up
  • #organicfood
  • #naturalbeautyroutine

Some inspirational Instagram accounts

Visit these Instagram accounts with particularly engaged communities:

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