Woollen dryer balls


RRP: 18 €

This pack includes 6 dryer balls that you can use every time you run the dryer. They are made of wool and have several benefits:

  • Natural fabric softener. By bouncing the balls in the drum, laundry comes out of the dryer softer and less wrinkled!
  • Save drying time. By bouncing the balls in the drum, you save up to 25% drying time from 3 balls and up to 40% with 6 balls! So save a little electricity every time.
  • The dryer balls can be reused up to about 1,000 times!

Tip: Do you use fabric softener mainly for fragrance? Sprinkle the dryer balls before throwing them in the drum with a few drops of essential oils or laundry perfume and the scent will be absorbed into the laundry after drying!


Brand: Brauzz

  1. Put the laundry in the dryer
  2. Add at least 3 dryer balls 
  3. Launch the drying cycle

You can use dryer balls with all colours and textiles. You can reuse them up to about 1,000 times.

Composition: wool

Made in China

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