Stain Remover


RRP: 5.95 €

Let’s Tackle Stubborn Stains AND The Plastic Problem.
Take an eco leap forward during laundry day with our plastic-recovering Stain Remover. It’s not just stain-fighting power; it’s a commitment to cleaner oceans and a greener planet.

🌱 Plant-Based ingredients: Gentle on the environment, tough on stains. Our plant-based, vegan formula means you can treat your garments without worrying about harsh chemicals.

👚 Pre-Treat for Perfection: Treat stains before you wash. ecoegg’s Stain Remover helps ensure your clothes come out of the wash looking their best.

🌊 Bottled in Prevented Ocean Plastic: Our stain remover is bottled in 100% prevented ocean plastic, giving discarded plastic a new purpose and helping to reduce marine pollution. It’s also 100% recyclable. Our plastic can be traced back all the way to its collection point in Indonesia.

🌟 Eco formula: Our stain remover contains no chlorine bleach and is non-toxic to aquatic life, without compromising in its ability to tackle the toughest stains. Win win.

Contains no harmful chemicals

Contains: 500 ml

Brand: Ecoegg

Treat stains before you wash.

Composition: Sodium Carbonate

Made in the UK

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