Slipi Tome 2 : La Révolution Verte - B. Moret & A.-É. Rozier


RRP: 9.90 €

An adventure intended to make children think (a little) about social issues: overconsumption, ecology, addiction to screens...

"When Dark Victor, the owner of the new supermarket, came to the school to give us a lot of funny things made in China that make poof poof, it was so cool! I didn't really understand why Jo didn't want to take advantage of it".

Yes, the arrival of the Super Conso store does not make only happy people... The opportunity for Slipi and his friends to investigate and discover the other side of the supermarkets and our consumption: plastic, packaging that pollutes the planet, factories at the other end of the world... But also the danger that hangs over Jennifer and Barbara, Jean-Miche's chickens, whose work is threatened! Will Slipi and his gang manage to save them from ending up as a chicken?

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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