Silk Sponge "Mermaid"

Croll & Denecke
Natural sponges are sustainable care products made of natural material that grows back very quickly.
Size :

RRP: 6.95 € & 11.95 €

Natural and durable bath sponges from the Mediterranean.

Offers a feeling of softness and pleasure every time you use it.

Suitable for all skin types, cleanses and stimulates the skin without damaging it.

Comes in an elegant, pure, but also biodegradable packaging, these sponges are ideal to offer as gifts and to brighten up your shelves and shop windows. 

Biodegradable | 100% Natural | Antibacterial | Hypoallergenic

Brand: Croll & Denecke

Dimensions: ca. 8 & 10 cm

Composition & Origin

Composition: Natural Sponge

Origin: Greece

How to clean it ?


Rinse the sponge with lukewarm water after each use and let it dry naturally to avoid bacteria build-up and to enjoy it longer.


Soak the sponge in a bowl of hot water and add a tablespoon of baking soda.

Let the sponge dry naturally.

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