Set of 3 bulk bags

Fill Good

RRP: 15.50€

Reusable, sturdy, lightweight containers that make it easy to buy in bulk! They lay flat in your shopping bag, so there's no need to take your glass jars to the store.

Each food bags are equipped with a different opening to ada pt to different types of foods:

  • Big cap: flour, rice, lentils or quinoa
  • Small cap: semolina, sugar or aromatic herbs
  • Large zipped opening: pasta, cereals, pulses or dried fruit

They are more durable than single-use paper bags and more airtight than cloth bags.

Reusable | BPA free | BPS free

Volume: ±1 kg

Brand: Fill Good

Easy to fill at the silo thanks to their large zipped opening.

Transparent back with graduation to measure contents and buy the right quantity.

Dishwasher-safe, or easy to clean by hand thanks to the smooth inner lining.

Composition: Food-grade plastic made in Europe (no BPA, BPS, or aluminum)

Made in France

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