Rosemary - 30 fumigation sticks


RRP: 199.95 € (6.65 € per stick)

Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of the Rosemary Fumigation Stick, meticulously crafted from the finest rosemary leaves. Sourced from nature's abundant botanical treasures, this aromatic stick releases a captivating herbal fragrance that revitalizes your surroundings and invigorates your senses.

Awaken your senses to the enchanting properties of rosemary as its fragrant smoke gracefully infuses the air, creating an atmosphere of clarity and rejuvenation. Let the natural aroma transport you to sun-kissed gardens, where the aromatic breeze carries whispers of vitality and freshness. Embrace the transformative power of the Rosemary Fumigation Stick, an exceptional offering that brings nature's revitalizing touch to your sacred space, leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Dimensions: 12 cm (20g)

Brand: Roots

To purify your living spaces and homes, fumigation sticks must be burned. They should be used in a well-ventilated area, with all the windows of your home open, so that the smoke can properly evacuate and carry away any negative energies.

Light the stick. When it catches fire, count 30 seconds, then blow gently on the flame to extinguish it. Place the stick on a small glass container or abalone shell. Go around every room in your home, so that the smoke can spread evenly. For this ritual, preferably start at the entry point.

You can also pass the smoke from the stick around you, to purify your body of bad energy.

Extinguish the stick and air out your home for at least 15 minutes.

Never leave a lit fumigation stick unattended!

Composition: rosemary

Country of origin: Turkey

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