Pack of 2 Reusable Food Pouches - Butterfly (90 ml) & Hedgehog (130 ml)


RRP: 19.50€

Two reusable compote bottles that can be filled with compote, purée, smoothie, yoghurt or any other homemade preparation. Available in two sizes and coming with a special mouthpiece to help little children eat.

Squiz reusable compote bottles are suitable for children over 4 months (with the Squiz'Top tip).

Each pouch can be used over 50 times and withstands 50 kg of pressure - so don’t worry if your kid sits on it.

BPA-free | BPS-free

Contains: one 90 ml pouch, one 130 ml pouch and a silicone drinking mouthpiece

Brand: Squiz

  1. Open from the bottom
  2. Fill the Squiz refillable bottle up to the line Fill up to the line
  3. Close your Squiz refillable gourd Close
  4. Squiz your Squiz compote refillable gourd
  5. Wash your Squiz refillable bottle Wash
  6. Reuse your refillable Squiz bottle more than 50 times


Screw it onto a Squiz reusable bottle or any other food bottle. Press gently.
Wash in soapy water.

Composition: Food-grade plastic made in Europe (no BPA, BPS, or aluminum). Squiz’Top made from silicone

Made in Switzerland

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