Famille en Transition Écologique - J. Pichon & B. Moret


RRP: 15 €

What is the real impact of our lifestyle on the environment? How can we measure it? And above all: what changes should we make in our daily lives if we want to preserve the planet?

Follow the guide! This book, both a manifesto for sobriety and a practical guide, invites you to enter the ecological transition with both feet.

With the help of engineers specialized in carbon assessment and life cycle analysis, Jérémie Pichon combs through the ecological cost of our daily lives, always with a sense of humor: transportation, housing, food, electronics, savings... Did you know, for example, that our financial investments have the greatest impact on our carbon footprint?

Based on this in-depth analysis, he invites us to redefine our priorities and proposes an action plan to initiate a true ecological transition as a family.

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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