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EM Ceramic Pearls (360 pieces)


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These EM ceramic pearls will remove bad taste from your tap water and reduce limestone deposits.

They are made from clay fermented with Effective Micro-organisms (EM). After fermentation and firing, the information form EM is stored in the clay, giving it long-lasting properties.

Contains: 360 pearls in bulk

Brand: Woody

Made in Japan

How to use them?

For optimal efficiency, you should leave the pearls in your decanter at all times and fill it with tap water as you drink.

The first time, wait 30 minutes before consuming the water. Then, after each new filling, this waiting time is shortened to 15 to 20 minutes (if the pearls remain always immersed and activate the water continuously). If you decide to decant this water, after at least 30 minutes of contact with the pearls, you will have to consume it fairly quickly, within 4 to 6 hours, to benefit from all its properties.

Their duration of effectiveness is about 10 years. Indeed, unlike most water purification solutions, ceramic pearls do not constitute a mechanical filter but intervene directly on the structure of the water, through a biological reaction. Unlike carbon filters, for example, the beads do not store pollutants, they do not "load" themselves. This explains why they last a very long time, without needing to be replaced.


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