Cooking and Preservating Paper Refill 39cm x 15m


RRP: 4.59 €

Ah!Table!® ecological paper: Versatile, microporous, heat-resistant up to 220°C. Replaces greaseproof paper, cling film, and foil. Perfect for baking, storing, or reheating.

Ah!Table!® ecological paper is versatile and replaces greaseproof paper, cling film and aluminium foil. Refill can be used on its own or in a dispenser. Microporous and heat resistant up to 220°C, it can be used as baking paper. It also protects food and flavourings from drying out and acts as a barrier to odours and grease.
- For conventional ovens and microwaves: heat resistant up to 220°C, this special paper can be used for baking pasta and fatty dishes. It can also be used for cooking en papillote or reheating in the microwave. Brush your paper generously with oil before placing on dry pastry.
- For the fridge: wrap food well before storing in the fridge. It has many advantages: it protects food and flavours, prevents drying out, and acts as a barrier to fats and odours.

Vegan | Cruelty Free

Weight: 0.256kg

Brand: Ah!Table!®

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