Pack of 2 Squiz’spoon including one handle


RRP: 11.95 €

The Squiz'spoon is specially designed for babies, to help them learn about tastes and textures as they begin to diversify their diet. It can be used on Squiz reusable water bottles or any other food bottle.

Its material and shape have been designed with the baby's small mouth in mind, to encourage him to put his tongue in a flattened position, and so that the head of the spoon does not touch the table on which it is placed.

BPA-free | BPS-free

Contains: 2 Squiz’spoons

Brand: Squiz


The spoon can be screwed onto the neck of a filled gourd, or used on its own thanks to its removable handle.

By pressing lightly on the gourd, the spoon tip easily allows a stream of blended food to pass through and enables precise dosing of the spoon's contents.

The Squiz'spoon can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, or by hand with soapy water.

Composition: Bio-based PE

Made in France

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