Ma Cosmétique Minimaliste - P. Dehecq


RRP: 16.90 €

50 recipes for homemade cosmetics, without pixie dust, to pamper your body naturally.

In another life, Pauline Dehecq worked for the cosmetics industry. She knows exactly what you should never put on your skin: mineral oils derived from petroleum, polluting silicones, irritating surfactants...

With this guide, say bye-bye to chemical products! Pauline offers you the basics of minimalist cosmetics, with a maximum of 3 to 7 ingredients for each recipe: vegetable oils, butters, clays, hydrolats, essential oils... 100% natural substances that are easily available and that respect the skin and the environment.

As an engineer, she has formulated 50 skin and hair beauty products that you can concoct with confidence. Try the most successful minimalist cosmetics: OEil de biche serum, Winter is coming cold cream, Queen of Beauty oil, Queen B redensifying mask, Go to bed make-up remover, Untangle me if you can mist, solid cosmetics, deodorant balm, Big bisous lipstick, The King hair wax, Picoti picota soothing balm...

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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