Le Guide De L'Alimentation Durable - A. Gubri


RRP: 16.90 €

How to make a commitment to the planet without taking on too much. With this guide, the power is in your plate, within reach of your fork!

Did you know that the content of our plates has more impact on the climate than the transport, housing and building sectors? Our food is therefore a powerful lever for action to change the situation!

But where to start? How to act effectively? Follow the confident steps of Aline Gubri, expert in sustainable development. Here she gives you all the actions to take in order of priority to significantly reduce your environmental footprint. Don't panic, the objective is not necessarily to do everything, but to do your part, at your own pace and in your own way!

To guide you, this book is full of practical and realistic advice and tips for a smooth transition, without frustrations or sacrifices.

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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