Slipi Tome 1: Ça Déménage - B. Moret & A.-É. Rozier


RRP: 9.90 €

"Slipi ça déménage" is the first volume of a humorous comic book series aimed at 7-11 year olds to entertain them while making them think (a little) about social issues: overconsumption, ecology, addiction to screens...

"And then mom, in eco-relou mode, got it into her head that the city was too polluted for us and that we were going to move to the country to enjoy the fresh air and organic vegetables! The horror... "

Yes, Slipi is a little boy who would spend his life in front of the TV, playing video games and eating cakes! So, such a radical change of life, it's not easy, you have to find your marks! Fortunately, thanks to his new friends Jo and Jean-Miche, Slipi will be able to face the new playground and a world of sometimes very strange adults... All this with a good dose of fun, of course!

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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