Silk Sponge


RRP: 3.50 €, 5.95 €, 9.95 € & 14.95 €

Coming from the wide underwater fields of the Mediterranean, these fine-pored sponges are ideal to gently apply and remove makeup, but also to offer a soothing bath for babies. Their smaller shapes and sizes offer greater precision for curves around the eyes and nose. 

Fine sponges are durable and environmentally friendly accessories. 

  • For all skin types 
  • Resistant and sustainable

Biodegradable | Bulk | Hypoallergenic | Antibacterial

Brand: Croll & Denecke

How to clean it?

Daily care

Rinse the sponge with lukewarm water after each use and let it dry naturally to avoid bacteria build-up and to enjoy it longer.

Weekly care

Soak the sponge in a bowl of hot water and add a tablespoon of baking soda.

Let the sponge dry naturally.

Composition: Natural Sea Sponge

Origin: Greece

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