Round Bath Brush with Massage Pins

Croll & Denecke
The Croll & Denecke wooden brush is biodegradable. It offers a massage that stimulates the blood circulation and activates the cells.

RRP: 9.50 €

This brush helps you relax and increases blood circulation through its custom massage pins. Massage areas needing treatment with gentle, circular movements to stimulate cells.


Brand: Croll & Denecke

How to use it?

You can use the brush on wet or dry skin. Use it alongside a natural soap from Habeebee or Indigène and give your skin a deep cleaning that will leave it extra smooth.

If you wish to perform a dry massage, start with the lower back and go up. Your skin will turn slightly red, but don't worry, that means the massage is correctly done. 

For visible results, massage your back for 5 to 10 min every day before your bath or shower during at least 3-4 weeks.

Composition & Origin


Made in China

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