Refillable Coffee Pod for Senseo Classic


RRP: 14.95 €

A reusable coffee pod for Senseo machines.

The Coffeeduck is a 2-pod Senseo holder that can also be used for ground coffee. Versatile and suitable for all types of coffee, it allows to make a cup of coffee in just 20 seconds longer than using paper Senseo coffee pods.

Holds between 5 to 14 grams of loose coffee grounds.

Dishwasher safe | Foam layer maintained

Brand: Coffeeduck

    How to use?

    Before using the Coffeeduck:

    • Make sure your Senseo is clean and in good working order and check that the Coffeeduck fits properly.
    • Clean the Coffeeduck with soap and water and dry it off thoroughly.

    How to use the Coffeeduck:

    • Fill the Coffeeduck with coffee, preferably finely ground or espresso grade.
      • If you use a fast-brew filter grade or coarsely ground coffee, always fill the Coffeeduck completely (up to 4 mm below the top rim).
      • If you use a finely ground or espresso grade coffee, fill the Coffeeduck from half to completely full (up to 4 mm below the top rim) for the taste you prefer.
        Please note: you must clean any stray coffee grounds off the top flange or rim!
    • Place the aroma filter on the clean top rim so that the lip is at the front of the machine.
    • Close the Senseo.
    • Press the 1-cup or 2-cup button.

    After using the Coffeeduck:

    • Open your Senseo coffee maker.
    • Remove the Coffeeduck from the coffee maker.
    • Remove the aroma filter.
    • Tap the Coffeeduck to remove the coffee grounds and/or rinse it clean under the tap.
    • Dry the Coffeeduck in preparation for the next time you want to use it.

    Suitable for the following Senseo machines:

    • HD7800
    • HD7810
    • HD7811
    • HD7812
    • HD7814
    • HD7816
    • HD7817
    • HD7818
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