Pumice Block


RRP: 4.95 €

The virtues of pumice, a volcanic rock, have been known for thousands of years. It allows an in depth exfoliation of the skin and eliminates the layers of dead cells.

Its shape and size make it easy to use on large skin areas and give it a better grip.

Biodegradable | 100% Natural | Vegan

Brand: Croll & Denecke

How to use it?

Place your feet in a basin of hot water with a little soap for about 10 minutes to soften the flesh.

Gently grate the dead skin with the pumice stone, rubbing in the same direction.

Dry and nourish your feet with our Habeebee “Pied Total” foot cream. 

How to clean it?

Regular care of your pumice stone will make it last for a long while.

It is recommended to wash the stone with warm water and use a brush to scrub and remove dirt from its pores. Rinse it another time with hot water.

To dry the pumice stone, place it on a clean cloth in the open air.

Composition: Pumice Stone

Made in Greece

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