Period Thong - London


RRP: 29.99 €

London is an invisible menstrual thong suitable for light flows and helps with irregular periods or spotting. Thanks to its absorbent part designed to capture and channel blood, it can be worn all day long: up to 12 hours of protection, without leaks or odors.

The menstrual thong is ideal for those moments when the flow is too weak to use a sanitary protection but is big enough to stain your favorite outfit. 

With its cut and its graphic lace, London is the perfect ally for all those who are looking for a feminine and discreet menstrual lingerie. You will be able to wear it with jeans, dresses or leggings, for a sports session, for a night out or to go to work. During your light flows, the London thong will guarantee you a protection all day long without feeling wet!

Some of London's highlights:

  • An elegant black color ;
  • Feminine laces at the level of the hips;
  • A little bow on the front;
  • A cut which makes it an invisible menstrual underwear.

REACH Certified

Brand: Herloop

Size :

Herloop period panties love simplicity - they can last up to 5 years with proper care. Here are some valuable tips to keep your London menstrual panties at their best:

  • Once worn, rinse it with cold water until the water is clear;
  • Put it in the washing machine at 30° in a laundry bag (not more than 3 panties per bag);
  • No need to use a special detergent;
  • don't use any stain removers or fabric softeners;
  • Let it air dry inside out for faster drying (never on a radiator and never in the dryer)


  • Body: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane
  • Lining: 100% Cotton
  • Middle: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon | 100% Polyester PUL

Made in China

All Herloop returns must be inspected before being returned to stock.

For each product in the package, please make the following checks:

I - Panties

  • Packaging Inspection:
  • Is the packaging present?
  • Is the packaging in good condition? (Not torn, cut, perforated, damaged, or extremely crumpled)
  • Is the packaging free of any abnormalities/deterioration? (Stains, pen marks, tape and/or other marks)
  • Are all labels present on the packaging (not peeled off)?
  • Does the packaging correspond to the returned product (see the label inside the panties)?
  • Product Inspection:

Take the panties out of their packaging

  1. Do the panties correspond to their packaging (reference and size)?
  2. Are the panties in good condition? (no tears, holes, cuts or damage. No stains, pen marks or other dirt on the outside or inside)
  3. The underwear does not have any discoloration (ex: grey instead of black), it does not appear washed or wet?

Fold the panties and put them back in their packaging to be put back in stock

II - Accessories (wash bag / pouch)

  • The product is in good condition, it is not torn, cut or damaged...
  • The product does not have any stains on the outside or inside
  • The product does not have any discoloration, it does not appear washed or wet
  • The product still has its label, the label has not been cut off.

III - End of product inspection

If any of the above is not checked then the product can be used as a sample.

In this case Kami Store may replace it for you in a future order or make you a credit note.

If all the mentions in parts I and II are checked, the product can be put back in stock.

To be put back in stock, the product must always:

  • Have a packaging in its entirety not torn, not peeled off, not damaged, not soiled, no tape or writing added.
  • Appear unworn, clean inside and out and without any manufacturing defects.
  • Be consistent with the reference on the packaging (model and size)

Step 1

Take a measuring tape and measure yourself. The hip size is measured at the highest point of the buttocks without tightening too much.

Step 2

Consult our size guide to find out which size fits you.

For more precise measurements, don't forget to :

  • Take your measurements in your underwear so that they are not distorted by your clothes.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Ask someone for help if you need it.
Size Waist size
XS 34 82/87 cm
S 36 88/92 cm
M 38 93/97 cm
L 40 98/102 cm
XL 42 103/107 cm
2XL 44 108/112 cm
3XL 46 113/117 cm

Important: If you are between two sizes, take the larger size, there is nothing more unpleasant than to feel tight in your menstrual panties.

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