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Laundry Bag for Period Panties


RRP: 4.99 €

This laundry bag has been specially designed for washing your menstrual underwear. It helps to preserve your underwear by protecting it from being damaged by other clothes and the drum of the machine.

The laundry bag comes with recommendations for the best care of your underwear for many years. This little reminder will help you avoid many mistakes.

It is also easily identifiable: it provides a quick visual cue to distinguish your periodical panties from the rest of the family's clothes. In addition to being a convenient way to wash your panties safely, it allows you to store them when you are not using them. And you can use it to wash your other underwear too.

Brand: Herloop

Subcribe to back in stock notification

After rinsing your panties in cold water, place them in the laundry bag. Close it with the zipper. Your panties will be washed with the rest of your clothes. We recommend that you use a cold cycle (maximum 40°C). Do not use fabric softener or detergent! A simple detergent is enough! At the end of the cycle, remove your panties from the washing net to air dry.

Composition: polyester

Made in China

All Herloop returns must be inspected before being returned to stock.

For each product in the package, please make the following checks:

I - Panties

  • Packaging Inspection:
  • Is the packaging present?
  • Is the packaging in good condition? (Not torn, cut, perforated, damaged, or extremely crumpled)
  • Is the packaging free of any abnormalities/deterioration? (Stains, pen marks, tape and/or other marks)
  • Are all labels present on the packaging (not peeled off)?
  • Does the packaging correspond to the returned product (see the label inside the panties)?
  • Product Inspection:

Take the panties out of their packaging

  1. Do the panties correspond to their packaging (reference and size)?
  2. Are the panties in good condition? (no tears, holes, cuts or damage. No stains, pen marks or other dirt on the outside or inside)
  3. The underwear does not have any discoloration (ex: grey instead of black), it does not appear washed or wet?

Fold the panties and put them back in their packaging to be put back in stock

II - Accessories (wash bag / pouch)

  • The product is in good condition, it is not torn, cut or damaged...
  • The product does not have any stains on the outside or inside
  • The product does not have any discoloration, it does not appear washed or wet
  • The product still has its label, the label has not been cut off.

III - End of product inspection

If any of the above is not checked then the product can be used as a sample.

In this case Kami Store may replace it for you in a future order or make you a credit note.

If all the mentions in parts I and II are checked, the product can be put back in stock.

To be put back in stock, the product must always:

  • Have a packaging in its entirety not torn, not peeled off, not damaged, not soiled, no tape or writing added.
  • Appear unworn, clean inside and out and without any manufacturing defects.
  • Be consistent with the reference on the packaging (model and size)
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