LastRound Starter Kit


RRP: 13 €

The LastRound Starter Kit is the perfect way to make your beauty routine greener.

It includes all three types of rounds as well as a laundry bag to wash them. The rounds are completely biodegradable, so after 250 uses or so, you can put them in your compost in your backyard.

There are two rounds of each type, for different uses:

After use, you can wash them with soap or put them in the laundry bag and toss it in your washing machine.

Compostable | GOTS-certified laundry bag

Contains: 2 original rounds, 2 large rounds, 2 pro rounds and 1 laundry bag

Brand: LastObject

B-Corp NCS EcoControl
How to use?

  • Wet the round and squeeze out the excess water. Use it as it is or with your favorite products
  • Wash with soap and water or in the washing machine up to 140°F/60°C
  • Let dry

Tips & Tricks

  • The round will be stiff before wet, so always add a splash of water to make it super soft.
  • Both sides are textured for gentle exfoliation, so for sensitive skin, apply less pressure.
  • The material doesn’t shed any lift, fluff or particles and will not fray along the edges.
  • Keep rounds for nail polish removal separate and wash immediately after each use.

Wash the pads thoroughly before use. Can be used with essence toners, micellar water and cleansing water.

Machine wash used pads at 60°C in a laundry bag. Let the round dry completely before putting it back in the case.



  • Laundry bag: GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Rounds: 70% cotton and 30% wood fiber
  • Packaging: FSC recycled cardboard

Rounds made in Germany, laundry bag made in China

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