Face Cleanser Powder


RRP: 12.95 €

An outstanding soap-free daily cleanser in powder form! 

This facial cleanser made of rhassoul, a Moroccan clay, is a natural product that is essential for a successful beauty routine and to get rid of impurities.

Known for its purifying virtues, it offers a deep cleanse of the skin pores and absorbs grease for a clean and clear looking face.

This natural powder cleanser is healthy for your skin and the environment. It is free of essential oils, so it is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Vegan | Palm oil Free | Organic

Capacity: 50 g

Brand: Indigène

Slow Cosmetics

In the palm of your wet hand, pour a bit of powder. Add a little water and make it foam.

Apply on the face and with gentle movements to help the mixture penetrate the skin.

Leave on for 1 minute for the active ingredients to work properly and rinse thoroughly.

Finish your routine with Habeebee balms or Indigène oils and/or serums.

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay, Avena Sativa and Oriza Sativa (Rice) Starch

Handmade in Belgium

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