Cotton Wash Bag


RRP: 6.00 €

This upcycled washing bag allows the dose of detergent to dissolve well and is cordoned off so that the tile cannot escape in the washing machine.

The centrifugal force of your machine will tend to eject the dose. In the case of a machine with a window, the detergent tile can end up stuck... To avoid such a tragic end, this little accessory will give weight and keep the detergent tile well in the center of your machine.

If you need to wash delicate fabrics like linen, cotton or silk, we recommend using a washing net to prevent the detergent tile from coming into contact with your clothes.

This washing net is designed from net scraps so that they can have a new, longer life in your washing machine!

Upcycled | Organic

Brand: Echoppe

NCS EcoControl

Break a laundry tile, slide it inside the wash bag and place it inside the drum of your machine.

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Handcrafted in France, more precisely, in Haute-Savoie

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