Ceramic Pearls for Decanters - 15 Pearls

Ceramic beads to put at the bottom of your containers to purify your water and remove any unpleasant taste

RRP: 12.90€

A real and ecological solution to purify and energize your tap water.

Ceramic beads remove the unpleasant taste of water and significantly reduce limescale deposits. They reduce water clusters, decrease surface tension and neutralize electromagnetic fields.

They delay the development of pathogens and stabilize water quality. By eliminating negative information from the tap water, they revitalize it and return it to its original state of "living" water, with optimal anti-oxidant and hydrating properties.


Brand: Les Verts Moutons

When you first use it, take the 15 pearls out of the bag, rinse them and place them loose in the bottom of your carafe filled with tap water. You can drink the water after 30 minutes.

Tips: Ideally, you should have two decanters, with 15 beads in each, so that one is always being activated while the other is being used.

Composition: ceramic beads (pure clay, effective micro-organisms), organic cotton bag

Made in Japan 

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