All Purpose Cleaner

Ecopods All Purpose Cleaner is a water-soluble capsule which allows to effortlessly clean all smooth, modern surfaces.
Size :
4 Pods

RRP: 11.80 €

Powerful, ecological, and easy cleaning, that's what Ecopods stands for!

Ecopods All Purpose Cleaner is a water-soluble capsule with which you (re)fill your lifetime bottle. With this all-purpose cleaner you can effortlessly clean all smooth, modern surfaces. Gives a streak-free result and is also suitable for windows. The economical spray ensures that you do not use too much product. One sachet contains 4 capsules.

Traditional cleaning products consist of at least 80% water. Our pod is a concentrated formula based on natural ingredients. This has more benefits than you might think. You save 92% CO2 because we only transport the capsule and no water. You save 91% on waste because the reusable bottles last for years. And you need 95% less space to store the products. Biodegradable and suitable for vegans.

Vegan | Cruelty-Free | No Essential Oils

Content: 4 pods

Brand: Ecopods

How to use
  1. Put the capsule in a spray bottle or in a bucket. Do not cut the capsule open.
  2. Fill the bottle with (warm) water and let the capsule dissolve completely. Shaking the bottle makes it faster!
  3. The product is now ready to use!
  4. If the bottle is empty. Rinse the bottle and start again at step 1.
Composition & Origin


  • Ethanol: the result of sugar beet fermentation. This component is used as a solvent and has a disinfecting effect.
  • Lactic acid: of vegetable origin, also as a result of the fermentation of sugar beet. Extremely suitable as a descaler and pH regulator.
  • Citric acid: present in lemon and orange juices. Mainly used for removing limescale. As a PH regulator, it also ensures the correct functioning of each product.
  • Coconut soap: based on coconut oil. The coconut soap contains glycerine, which ensures a reduction of skin irritation when using the products. The soap has a degreasing effect and keeps the composition of the products stable.
  • Alkylpolygly cosidea: A non-ionic surfactant, produced from renewable raw materials of plant origin. They are biodegradable and non-toxic. They remove the surface tension, making dirt easier to remove.

Made in Italy

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