Want to see, touch and/or test the zero waste products of our brands before adding them to your store or webshop? Book a visit with our team in our brand new showroom and discover all our brands 👇

Kami Showroom

Before testing new products in your store, it is always better to discover them yourself to see how they really look like, to test their effectiveness, and to make sure that they offer something that will please or make sense to your customers.

At Kami, we want to make it possible for you to do all of these things with our brands' products. That's why we decided to create our own showroom, in our warehouse in Brussels 👀

And to align it as much as possible in line with our values and our zero waste approach, we used 100% second hand furniture & materials 🤩✨

Book now to visit our showroom, discover all our zero waste brands and place your orders on site while being advised by our team 😉

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