Les Zenfants Presque Zéro Déchet - Ze Mission - J. Pichon & B. Moret


RRP: 13.90 €

This illustrated guide encourages children from 8 years old to be active in protecting the environment, while having fun!

The objective of this highly illustrated book is to become a "zero waste hero" and save the planet. Your mission: join the Zero Waste team composed of Compostman, Zeroman, Greengirl, the Letoi Fairy and Slipman!

These heroes of the Zero have concocted an ingenious plan of action to heal the planet. For example: make your own play dough, create personalized cloth bags, organize a birthday party without waste or a picnic without plastic.

All the children's activities are thus approached in 3 steps: a "Comic" to laugh, a "Docu" to understand and an "Action" to change their world and the whole planet at the same time! This is the recipe to make our children everyday heroes, the citizens of tomorrow.

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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