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Laundry Egg White Washing Pellet Bag


RRP: 2.32 €

THE WHITE PELLETS SIDEKICK – added to the Laundry Egg boost the efficiency of the white pellets washing power due to their behaviour in water; in other words they are the Robin to its Batman, the white pellets can totally rely on their loyal side kick to boost morale and ensure the job is complete.  

MAKES THE WATER WETTER – helps to reduce the surface tension of the water, along with the surfactants in the white pellets, making the water ‘wetter’ and therefore better able to penetrate textile fibres for better cleaning. 

LIFTS DIRT – naturally ionising the water to it slightly more alkaline. Alkaline water helps to lift dirt more effectively. Either you’re enraptured or bored by this point – either way, we are glad you made it! 

    Allergy Friendly Product | Refills | BPA free

    Brand: Ecoegg

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