La Cuisine Zéro Gâchis - Seddik, Van Nimwegen & Roetert


RRP: 18.90 €

Cook with what you have on hand. Put food scraps on the menu and learn preservation techniques and chefs' secrets to avoid food waste.

If you are eco-responsible, you will love this book, written by cooks who campaign against food waste. You will learn how to preserve your perishable foodstuffs so as not to throw anything away: overripe fruits, surplus summer vegetables, low meat cuts, leftovers from the day before... nothing goes to waste anymore, everything can be preserved and cooked!

You will quickly master all the preservation techniques to become an ace at food recycling: jarring, fermenting, dehydrating, freezing, salting, confiscating, smoking. To do this, you don't need any fancy equipment: a pan, some jars, a blender and that's it! You just need to add a good dose of creativity!

And to accommodate your food saved from the garbage can, you will try 70 recipes, some of which are proposed by chefs, for a festival of new flavors: fermented cauliflower remoulade, curry of vegetable scraps, beef confit on a bed of quinoa, strawberry-tomato relish, candied watermelon rind, citrus curd...

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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