Déchets Land, la Face Cachée de nos Déchets - A. Belot


RRP: 25.50 €

A comic book investigation into the heart of waste management and solutions to change the world.

What happens to our waste once we have thrown it in the green or yellow bin? Can we sleep on our two ears, the duty of the sorter accomplished? Find out by reading Déchets Land ! With her pencil and a solid knowledge of the field, Anne Belot conducts a humorous investigation into the fate of our waste: that which is stored, that which is burned, that which is wild, that which is relocated... or that which is "recyclable" and ends up in smoke in the incinerator!

This comic book-documentary is full of disturbing revelations... And in fact, who benefits from the proliferation of waste? We discover that the decor of waste management conceals a gigantic dumping ground that suffocates the planet. Managing waste is no longer enough... The only solution: reduce it at the source! How can we do this?

Collectively, gently, each at his own pace, by learning to consume less and better, following the principles of the zero waste approach. Always with humor, Anne Belot exposes the individual and collective actions that are available to us to succeed in this transition, and, in passing, sheds light on our cognitive biases. So that everyone can act efficiently and serenely.

So, let's get started?

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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