Dishwasher Tablets - 54 Tablets


RRP: 9.99 €

These natural, solid dishwasher tablets clean your dishes and make them shine without any plastic or controversial ingredients.

Made with only 11 completely natural ingredients, these dishwasher tablets are super effective and convenient to use. They do not contain any controversial ingredients and are completely vegan.

You also won't find any plastic in those tablets as they are not individually packed and come in a pack made of PEFC cardboard.

Certified organic | Plastic-free

Contains: 54 tablets

Brand: Echoppe

NCS EcoControl

  1. Break a tile
  2. Put it in the space provided in the dishwasher
  3. Start the usual washing cycle
  4. Wait... It's clean!

Composition: Saponified oils of coconut*, rapeseed* and olive*, corn starch corn starch*, sodium bicarbonate, salt, white and green clays, mild surfactant
*ingredient from Organic Farming

Made in France

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