Gift Box Bee Surprised
RRP: 24 € Habeebee's 4 flagship products in a miniature format for eco-responsible consumption in the bathroom. Bee Surprised box - Habeebee's 4 favorite products in a discovery format: a mini Visage Waouw, a mini Tonic soap, a mini shampoo and...
Mini Soap Gift Box
RRP: 24 € A joyful, family-friendly box that smells like beeswax and propolis. To offer or to offer to oneself; it is a colored journey in the incredible universe of the Habeebee soap factory. Certified Organic Brand: Habeebee
Christmas Gift Box
RRP: 24 € A Christmas box composed of 4 products that will wrap you in magic and softness during the cold winter evenings: 1 soap "Virtuous" 1 Beldi candle 1 balm "Christmas tree" 1 bag of honey seeds Certified Organic...
Soap Box "Savons le Monde"
RRP: 24 € This wonderful box contains 4 different handmade soaps: Tonic Flower Power Propre & Lisse Vertueux Brand: Habeebee Made in Belgium
Large Habeebee Display
RRP: 1 358 € Boost your in-store sales with this standing wooden display from Habeebee. This display includes the complete Habeebee assortment along with testers and flyers of the brand. It helps you boost your sales by providing an attractive platform to put forward...
Sold Out
Beldi Candle - Pack of 1
RRP: 6 € & 24 € A natural candle with a rich honey scent made entirely out of beeswax. The sweet smell of honey that will naturally escape from your Habeebee candles will subtly perfume your home without endangering your health....
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