Zéro Plastique Zéro Toxique - A. Gubri


RRP: 13.90 €

101 tips and DIY to adopt an ecological lifestyle when you don't always have the time or the money.

Do you dream of reducing your waste, cleaning your home without pollutants, making toxic-free cosmetics, wasting less, consuming sustainably, ethically, recycling, reusing?

Follow the confident steps of Aline Gubri. For three years now, Aline has been creating an ecological, economical and healthy daily life. With this book, she shares her experience and creativity by proposing solutions that are accessible to all and easily adaptable because YES, it is possible to preserve one's health and that of the planet without complicating one's existence or giving up the comforts of modern life.

Editions: Thierry Souccar

Printed in France

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