LastTissue: Handkerchiefs Are Back in the Game!

There is no way you would  use a handkerchief? Trust us, It is time to forget about preconceptions! With LastTissue, LastObject is revolutionizing the world of tissues, an ecological and trendy must-have, that your customers will  not do without this winter.

What does LastTissue have that other tissues don’t?

Developed by the Danish brand LastObject, LastTissue is the first pack of tissues that can be reused for life! The company’s goal is to get rid of single-use products by replacing them with sustainable and reusable alternatives.
LastObject is relocating their whole production line to Danemark to favor a more environmental friendly approach as well as to support local economy.
Last Tissue’s small handy case is made of silicone. It is ultra flexible and resistant to everything. The silicone case will last a lifetime, but if you decide to discard it, it's 100% recyclable. Each pack contains 6 reusable tissues made from GOTS certified organic cotton, thereby ensuring ethical and sustainable growth and harvest.
Underneath the case, there is a slot, from where you can easily take out one tissue. Once a tissue is used, insert it back into the case from the top. The clean and used tissues are separated by a silicone barrier. Even in the middle of a health pandemic, there is no risk of using your reusable LastTissue!
How to wash your LastTissue? Once you have used all 6 tissues, you can easily clean them with their silicon case in the washing machine. The tissues can be washed up to 520 times each, which will save the planet from more than 3100 single-use tissues!


Reusable & sustainable tissues: How do they protect our planet?

Did you know that it takes three times more energy to produce paper tissues compared to reusable cotton tissues? Every year, millions of trees and litres of water are used for the production of paper tissues only.
For 1 LastTissue used:
  • More than 3000 single-use tissues and their plastic package are avoided.
  • 2 liters of water are saved.
  • The natural habitat & the food of many wild species are preserved.

Still not convinced?

With LastTissue, turn your customers into Zero Waste Heroes, and give them the opportunity to reduce their ecological footprint by striking single-use tissues off their shopping list for ever!

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