How to Use Digital Communication Effectively in Time of Crisis

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2020 has been the year of online record as consumer habits changed on all communication channels with users being more active online than ever before. But what does this really imply for Business.
In these times of crisis, communication is key to maintain a lasting relationship with your clients, especially during a health crisis that demands social distancing. Check out our tips to use digital communication for your business in such a period as now.

Keep your clients informed

Whether on your website, Google My Business, or your social media, it is important to keep your clients informed with practical news, such as updates of opening hours, sales conditions, stock availability, shipping details & delivery times, in other words, all factors constantly changing due to governmental recommendations.

Our tip: Each time a new measure could have a direct impact on your business, send a quick newsletter to your customers to keep them informed and avoid unhappy feedback.

Support and inspire your community

In 2020, solidarity has spread as much as the virus ! Think of brightening your communication up with messages of support and of general interest.

  • Offer free resources : tutorials, e-books etc.
  • Keep your audience posted on solidarity initiatives taking place close to them.
  • Inspire their everyday life at home : tips to get their mind off things, new receipts, etc.

Our tip: Share a video with your community where you show them how to give a second life to one of your bestselling products. For example, how to reuse a candle holder?

Organic Post First

Publishing sponsored posts on your social media in this critical time could be badly received by your customers. Some may consider commercial communication as inappropriate.

This is why you should give more priority to organic posts in order to create and consolidate even further. Initiate dialogues asking them their opinions on your products or on the current situation.

Our tip: establish a ritual with a survey of the week through your Instagram stories to set up a weekly meeting on your social media.

Always think long term

Think of the current crisis to create powerful and timeless content that will always seem relevant.

 It is a real profitable and sustainable investment for your SEO, but also a good way to get a head start on your competition. 

Our tip: Think about topics and questions that are popular among your target audience, and answer them with in depth blog posts.

Boost your store

Which of these tips will you follow ? Share with us your best tips to apply during a crisis in the comments below! Visit our blog regularly for more interesting articles.



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