How to increase sales in your zero waste store?


The zero waste lifestyle is a growing trend and more people are adopting it. Although it has been present for a long time, I think it is safe to say that the reason it is now coming back in people’s habits is as a protest to unsustainable mass consumerism.

The growing demand for zero waste products has led to a growing supply of zero waste products as well. Kami Store is part of the supply-chain and so are you if you are reading this article. If there wasn’t a demand for these products, you wouldn’t be able to sell them and that would affect your business. Sales optimization is a good approach to increase the demand for your products. This blog article lays down 5 basics and easy-to-apply tips to increase sales in your store and hence improve your revenue. 

1. Make use of your counter

The counter and the shelves around it shouldn’t be underestimated. They should be used to foster spontaneous purchasing. It is therefore important that the products you exhibit on the counter and surrounding shelves are products that are relatively inexpensive, in the sense that buying these products won’t have a huge impact on the customer’s budget. In addition, these products shouldn’t be bulky. It should be products that could fit in someone’s pocket or purse.

2. Play classical or pop music in your shop

This tip sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, you would be impressed. This has actually been looked at in a British study which found out that music has a positive impact on customer’s purchasing behavior. However, it should be noted that mainstream music has actually been linked to a decrease in sales, so make sure to choose classical or pop music that is not too well known (countless playlists of such genres are available on the internet)!

3. Be present on social media and keep your profiles updated     

Social media is an important part of business nowadays, a big part of the population uses it on a daily basis and therefore it provides quick and easy marketing for small and big businesses alike. If you do not have a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, it would be important to take that first step. After doing so, it is important to keep it updated concerning the arrival of new products. This is an easy method to reach your customers directly and in a fast manner.












4. Display prices finishing with 5, 7 or 9 (example: 25.79€)

This affects all consumers, and most of us are actually unconscious about it. This principle has also been studied extensively with two French psychologists finding out that 51.2% of people that stopped in front of products finishing with a 9 would buy the products compared to 44.1% when a full price was displayed. 

5. Use the tools put at your disposal

Using tools put at your disposal by your suppliers, such as points of sale or flyers, is an easy way to improve your sales. Kami Store can offer you a display for activated charcoals from the Black+Blum brand, providing information about these products. In addition, the marketing content provided by your suppliers can be posted on your social media pages or sent in your newsletter. These will surely intrigue your customers and increase your chances of selling your products. 


Less plastic more fish!

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