Activated Charcoal - An Extraordinary Product!


No, this blog article is not going to talk about charcoal you use for your BBQ during hot summer evenings nor the new trends to light it. Instead this article will discuss activated charcoal, which is totally different from BBQ charcoal. Our aim throughout this article is to provide you with valuable information that you’ll be able to use to inform your clients about the health benefits and the functions of activated charcoal, making you look like a real pharmacist.

Activated charcoal has been used for centuries by different people around the world to cure numerous health issues. In fact, the first recorded use of activated charcoal for health benefits dates back to 1500 B.C when the Egyptians used it to cure intestinal ailment. 

Binchotan charcoal

In recent years, charcoal became trendy as a result of a surge in people’s interest in zero waste lifestyle. The extremely porous texture of activated charcoal traps toxins and chemicals, and since activated charcoal cannot be absorbed by the human body, the activated charcoal carrying the chemicals and toxins it has absorbed are carried out of the body through feces. This absorbing capacity has led to activated charcoal being used to:

  • treat diarrhea and food poisoning
  • treat overdoses following oral ingestion 
  • improve intestinal and kidney health
  • reduce intestinal gase
  • whitened teeth and improve oral health 
  • cure soft tissue conditions such as skin rashes

You get it, activated charcoal is an extraordinary product. And that is not even the best part: up to date there has been no adverse reactions to the use of activated charcoal!

Activated charcoal

Although having countless health benefits, the main reason why individuals are purchasing activated charcoal is to make tap water taste better. Have you ever noticed that tap water and bottled water taste different? Some people will say that all waters taste the same, but that is in fact not true. Indeed, water sommelier (we also didn’t know this job existed until recently, don’t worry), Martin Riese, said that water can vary almost as much as wine! This is due to all the minerals and other compounds, including impurities, that water picks up during its long journey to your tap. Due to its filtering capacities, activated charcoal is able to absorb impurities, hence removing the bad taste that tap water can carry with it and make it taste like mineral water flowing straight out of the Alps! People in general have been quite impressed with this function of activated charcoal. 

Don’t wait any longer to add activated charcoal to your inventory, your customers will love itKami Store supplies the “stick” activated charcoal produced by Woody and Black + Blum. The easiest and most common way to use the “stick” activated charcoal is to add it to water in a bottle (note that bottles specifically made to hold the activated charcoal in place are also available on the Kami Store). 

To help you optimize the sales of this product, we can provide you with a free display. Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange it!


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Binchotan Charcoal

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